1980 B.F.A. University of Western Ontario, London ON
1982 B.Ed. University of Western Ontario, London ON

Professional Associations

Member of Propeller Gallery 2007 to 2017
Member of Propeller's Board of Directors 2008 - 2016
Member of Gallery 44 since 2016
Member of Carfac since 2017

Artist Statement

As a photo artist, my task is to extract the magical from the mundane. I think of my process as the art of non-invasive observation. Everyday life is full of tacky trivialities and forgettable visual data. As a photographer, I distill my target images from the urban flood of ephemera.

The still image, culled from this ambulatory miriade, does not require or warrant serial imagery. I create individual icons from the inconsequential.

Jasper Johns did his most memorable work of flags, beer cans, and other imagery which is usually "filtered out" - things which are seen, but not really looked at. This is the type of imagery I actively seek.

There is enough raw material in urban environments to satisfy the need for unstaged, unpreconcieved visual tableaux.
How do I recognize the tableau I'm looking for? To quote a judge describing obscenity, "I can't define it, but I know it when I see it."

– DNA Dodds